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AMOS-17 Satellite C-band HTS for Africa

Highest Availability with HTS Throughput !

AMOS 17 satellite C-band HTS footprints over Africa with hubs in Europe, Africa , the Middle East and Asia

AMOS-17 C-band uniquely combines the benefits of HTS – High Throughput Satellite, with C-band’ superior service availability, making it the best match for any Sub-Sahara project.

Offering 12 high capacity service beams (over 1Gbps per beam) and 4 international hub beams, customers enjoy the ultimate solution architecture flexibility, and can operate via a local hub within the beam, via an international C-hub, and via a hub in another C/Ku/Ka beam, simultaneously.

With each country served by one high throughput beam, customers can increase their network capacity using their current C-band equipment with no need to invest in new HTS equipment, enjoying much lower TCO and the ability to extend existing and new services.

Multiple Regional Beams

EIRP at beam peak >55 dBW
G/T at beam peak > 12 dB/K
Uplink frequencies  5.85 to 6.725 Ghz
Downlink frequencies:  3.4 to 4.2 GHz
User beams polarization : Circular
Hub beams polarization : Linear
Hub location : Africa (user beams), Europe, Middle East and Asia