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AMOS-17 Satellite Vertical Solutions

Available to all Sub-Saharan Countries

With the aim of working more closely with its customers and providing them with unique added-value services, Spacecom has established a new Vertical Solutions division.
Leveraging their deep acquaintance with solutions and equipment – including 3rd party equipment, such as cellular base stations and networking equipment – and vast Satcom services and operations experience, the division’s team extends Spacecom’s product portfolio beyond raw capacity. By helping customers to analyze their needs and promptly providing tailored solutions, the team becomes not only a solutions provider, but a trusted advisor.
The following solutions and services are already part of the Spacecom Vertical Solutions division portfolio. Additional solutions may be offered on an ad hoc basis.
Cellular Backhauling (CBH)

Cellular Backhauling (CBH) Satellite cellular backhauling creates endless business opportunities, including coverage of new areas and quick deployment of connectivity for venues, enabling generation of revenues even from remote locations and low-ARPU customers. Spacecom also offers an ongoing analysis of cellular and VSAT KPIs, enabling troubleshooting and timely root-cause analysis, while assisting in improving KPIs and increasing network availability.

satellite communications for Business Continuity

Business Continuity Terrestrial links are susceptible to low availability due to reasons such as maintenance and vandalism. Cost-effective Satcom links ensure network redundancy and business continuity. Using the powerful beams and switching flexibility of AMOS 17, Spacecom offers attractive charging models for domestic or international backup links.

e-lerarning remote education supported by satellite communications

E-Learning – Distance Learning Satcom enables education organizations, such as governments or NGOs, to bridge the digital divide and thereby reach the most isolated locations. Partnering with leading technology vendors, Spacecom offers a satellite-based e-learning platform which can serve thousands of remote sites with superior coverage, bringing students high-level, cost-effective distance learning and more | brochoure [PDF]

satellite IP trunking

IP Trunking Nodes in the WAN can be connected with large bandwidth and hundreds of Mbps. Satellite communication is ideal for large geographical coverage with high reliability and availability. When no terrestrial infrastructure exists, Satcom is the preferred solution.

e-voting  e-elections supported and managed via satelite communications

e-Voting - e-Elections Spacecom supports elections and voters’ registration in places that other technologies cannot reach. Satellite communication between local polling stations and the central collecting station ensures an efficient election program and eliminates delays in the reporting of accurate election results. Satcom may be used for election management purposes, via a simple link that allows video or voice communication between remote sites and the center, or as a full digital election solution that includes biometric identity verification and electronic vote transmission/consolidation at the end of the election day.

rural and community wifi supported and contributed by satellite communications

Wi-Fi Community By closing the digital divide, Internet access empowers local populations and improves the economy. Last mile connectivity to small remote communities is enabled by outdoor WiFi connected to the VSAT, extending Internet access to cover outlying villages with a single Satcom terminal.

dtt digital terrestrial television services distribution and contribution by satellite

DTT Distribution Satcom can be used to distribute TV content to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) transmit stations. Spacecom provides end-to-end solutions, including Satcom equipment and BW, towers, DTT broadcasting equipment and more. The Vertical Solutions division also offers integration, installation and turnkey projects.

private satellite networks for organizations, companies

Private Satellite Networks for Corporations With multi-regional coverage, cross-region connectivity and Spacecom’s expansion roadmap, the AMOS satellite fleet offers corporate organizations secure, reliable and tailored satellite communications solutions.

Broadband Satellite Services

Broadband Satellite Services Providing the highest bit-rate two-way communications over a wide coverage area, AMOS is the ideal platform for telecommunications carriers and service providers that offer high-speed voice, data and video transmission.

satellite teleport services uplink services and television playout

Satellite Teleport Services AMOS’s premium services require a terrestrial infrastructure of the same standards to deliver broadcast/broadband services of the highest quality. For this reason, Spacecom maintains strong partnerships with a network of teleport operators.

remote E-Medicine services via satellite


E-Medicine Quality healthcare can be brought to remote, isolated communities by using healthcare solutions that are integrated with satellite connectivity. Using Spacecom’s solutions, medical teams can diagnose and monitor patients in remote rural locations, providing the same high-quality treatment that is available in urban brochoure [PDF]